Moving Mountains - from The Catalogues Vail/Beaver Creek Summer 2017 Issue May 18 2017, 0 Comments

Colorado's landscapes are grand, beautiful, diverse and so much more. The state has the kind of views that so many of our visitors wish they could bring home with them. While it would be impossible to move the mountains, Colorado's artists are skilled at capturing their surroundings. Many of them are adept at doing so in ways that present far more than an exact representation of the landscape. They create works that capture the memories and emotions experienced while exploring Colorado's grandeur. And they do so with artwork that can certainly be moved from state to state, or even from country to country.

"Hello Winter" by Lelija RoyThroughout their ten years in business, Raitman Art Galleries has mastered finding Colorado's finest artists and fostering their unique interpretations of the state's beauty. The Raitmans have spent the past decade curating a collection of fine art that speaks to their love for the wilderness and their love for exceptional art.

One of the galleries' longest standing artists, Lelija Roy, says, "Part of my role as an artist is to preserve the image of our beautiful earth and to incite conservation through my art. I want viewers to feel as if they are walking amongst the trees. The rich textures and subtle changes in color in my work mimic the immersive experience of exploring the wilderness.  I want people to fall in love with the wilderness, to want to protect and preserve it."

"North Face of Pikes Peak" by Tracy Felix Tracy Felix has crafted quite the career out of his works in oil depicting Colorado's most iconic peaks. Felix's work can be found in museums throughout the state, including the Denver Art Museum. He is highly regarded for offering an idealized view of the landscape, with works paying homage to the American Regionalist movement and the artists of the famed Hudson River School. The peaks in Felix's work are often immediately recognizable, yet each piece as a whole is clearly not realistic. His work captures Colorado in a manner that makes the iconic landscapes seem dreamlike and stunningly lucid.

The Raitmans desire to represent Colorado artists is two-fold. For one, they see it as a necessary tribute to the beautiful place they find themselves fortunate enough to call home. They also do it for you, their treasured art collectors. So many visitors seek to bring a piece of their journey to Colorado back home with them. Artwork is the perfect way to do that.